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How We Got Started

Plepleple was started in 2015 after my second child was born. My son developed eczema and dust allergies at a very young age. I began to notice that his symptoms would become particularly exasperated at night due to heat and store bought clothes and bedding which I soon came to realise almost always contained synthetic materials. Subsequently I began to research into alternative fabrics and textiles and I soon learned there were other options (which typically are not available in most stores). Synthetic free materials and fabrics have enormous benefits for babies and children with skin issues and allergies (including respiratory issues). Bamboo, linen, hemp, tercel, silk, organic cotton and other natural and sustainable fabrics have anti bacterial properties, are resistant to dust mites and are also very absorbent helping to wick away any moisture. Breathing skin is healthier skin!
The benefits to these materials are huge for everyone particularly those with skin conditions and allergies. While I currently focus on children's products, these type of fabrics can be equally beneficial to adults.
Natural doesn’t mean boring! I'm trying to prove that gender neutral kids accessories can be also cool and trendy. Good design is a big part of my job. All plepleple products are handmade to very high standards using natural materials and water based dyes which will not irritate skin.
I'm sure there are many parents out there who have noticed similar issues and allergies with their own children. And I would like to let them know that there is a solution which can really help. Steroid creams and other prescribed medicines can work on the short term but they don't address what might be the underlying cause. Through my own experience, I found that addressing their clothing and sleeping fabrics and general environment is such a huge part of effective treatment. Its always better to prevent than treat.